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Dynamics of photo-excited electrons in magnetically ordered TbMnO3

I P Handayani, R I Tobey, J Janusonis, D A Mazurenko, N Mufti, A A Nugroho, M O Tjia, T T M Palstra and P H M van Loosdrecht, Journal of Physics : Condensed Matter, 25,116007 (2013)


Photo-induced Modulation of Ferroelectric Polarization in Multiferroic TbMnO3

I.P. Handayani, N. Mufti, A.A. Nugroho, M.O.Tjia, T.T.M. Palstra , and P.H.M. van Loosdrecht, International Conference of Information and Communication Technology (ICoICT), 350 (2013).


Probing magnetic order in CuFeO2 through nuclear forward scattering in high magnetic fields

Strohm, T. T. A. Lummen I. P. Handayani T. Roth C. Detlefs P. J. E. M. van der Linden and P. H. M. van Loosdrecht, Physical Review B, 88, 060408(R) (2013)


Temperature-dependent and anisotropic optical response of layered Pr0.5Ca1.5MnO4 probed by spectroscopic ellipsometry

A. Majidi, E. Thoeng, P. K. Gogoi, F. Wendt, S. H. Wang, I. Santoso, T. C. Asmara, I. P. Handayani, P. H. M. van Loosdrecht, A. A. Nugroho, M. R¨ubhausen,  and A. Rusydi, Phys. Rev. B 87, 235135 (2013)


Effects of charge-orbital order-disorder phenomena on the unoccupied electronic states in the single-layered half-doped Pr0.5Ca1.5MnO4.

V.Capogrosso,M.Malvestuto, I. P. Handayani, P. H. M. van Loosdrecht, A. A. Nugroho, E. Magnano, and F. Parmigiani,  Physical Review B. 87,155118 (2013)


Spin–lattice coupling in iron jarosite

A.J.C.Buurma, I.P.Handayani, N. Mufti, G.R. Blake, P.H.M. van Loosdrecht, and T.T.M. Palstra, Journal of solid state chemistry, 195, 50 (2012)


Phonon and crystal field excitations in geometrically frustrated rare earth titanates

T.T.A.Lummen,I.P. Handayani, M. C. Donker, D. Fausti, G. Dhalenne, P. Berthet, A. Revcolevschi, and P. H. M. van Loosdrecht, Physical Review B, 77, 214310(2008)


Para-excitons in Cu2O—a new approach

Karpinska, P.H.M. van Loosdrecht, I.P. Handayani, A. Revcolevschi, Journal of Luminescence 112, 17 (2005)


Abrar Ismardi, Chang Fu Dee, A. A. Hamzah, B. Bais, M. M. Salleh, B.Y. Majlis& Ille C. Gebeshuber, Co-Synthesis and Characterization of In2O3 and ZnO Nanowires (Sintesis Bersama dan Pencirian bagi Nanowayar In2O3 dan ZnO), Sains Malaysiana 41(4)(2012): 459-463.


A. Ismardi, C. F. Dee, H. Abdullah, B. Y. Majlis and M. M. Salleh, Synthesis and characterisation of Zn–Sn–In-O quaternary nanostructure system, Materials Research Innovations, Volume 15, (2011) , pp. s173-s175.


Abrar Ismardi, CHANG Fu Dee, I. C. Gebeshuber and B. Y. Majlis, Growth and Characterization of Indium Doped ZnO Nanowires Using Vapor Transport Deposition Method, Advanced Materials Research Vol. 364 (2012) pp 202-205.


A. A Hamzah, H. E. Zainal Abidin, B. Yeop. Majlis, M. Mohd. Nor, A. Ismardi, G. Sugandi, T. Y. Tiong, C. F. Dee and J. Yunas, Electrochemically deposited and etched membranes with precisely sized micropores for biological fluids microfiltration, J. Micromech. Microeng. 23 (2013) 074007.

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