Analysing Kleptodata Process on Android Operating System

“The popularity of Android smartphones has increased the number of security threats. One of the security threats is data theft. This study implemented and analyzed the data theft (kleptodata) process on Android operating system. To help the research we built a system that exploits several Android features. An already installed Android application can get the permission to download and install another application. Then the downloaded application may run in the background. The other feature exploited is the permission-based security system on Android, where the user was unable to review the permissions asked by application. The user may accept or ignore all of the permission asked. We also incorporated the inter-application communication features on Android, to split the applications used into two different applications, making it harder to detect the system as malicious application. The results found is that the malware application used is capable to perform kleptodata attack, with the SMS logs being sent into server. As the time of testing in May 2014, several commonly used antivirus on the Market still unable to detect the application used to help the process as malicious, since it wasn’t matched with any previous malwares’ signature.”

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